” Hiyo Yao si Ndoa ” Pritty Vishy Reacts After Stivo Simple Boy Introduced His Wife.

Pritty Vishy's reactions after Stivo Simple Boy introduced his wife.

Stivo Simple Boy’s ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy has Finally reacted after, Stevo introduced his wife, during the burial of his father in Oyugis, Siaya County.

Pritty Vishy reacts after Stivo Simple Boy Introduced his wife
Pritty Vishy reacts after Stivo Simple Boy Introduced his wife

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Stivo Simple Boy who has been trying to keep his relationship life private after having a very nasty break up with Pritty Vishy, decided to make it public that he is now married.

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The singer introduced his beautiful Luo wife known as Grace Atieno. In the previous interviews, Stivo had revealed that he is in a serious relationship and in 2023 he will be walking down the isle with his wife Grace.

Pritty Vishy has however rubbished the claims that Stivo and Grace are married. Through her official Instagram page stories, Pritty Vishy said that the two have not yet done any wedding, so there marriage is just a come we stay thing.

The content creator seems to haven’t moved on since parting ways with Stivo. When asked about her feelings by one of her fans, she just laughed using emojis.

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In the previous interview with Mungai Eve, Pritty Vishy said that she is ready to give Simple Boy a second chance. She said that Kenyans love them together, and she would like that they reunite.

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However the way things are going on, it seems like Stivo is on another chapter, and he is ready to settle with Grace.

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