Confirmed: Eric Omondi to Fight Karim Mandonga.’Nitampiga na Nimlipe’

Eric Omondi to Fight Mandonga

The self proclaimed president of comedy in Kenya Eric Omondi , has revealed that he is in the process of organising his boxing challenge with Bongo boxer Karim Mandonga.

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Speaking in an interview with Plug Tv, Eric Omondi said that Mandonga has dared him several times. He said that he doesn’t want a verbal war with him, he just want them to meet in the ring and see who is the beast.

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Eric said that he is currently doing practices and preparing to face Mandonga anytime. He revealed that he has already reached out at his management and he is waiting for them to respond to him and inform him the day the two will challenge each other.

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He went on and bashed Karim Mandonga by saying that his brand is known as a failing brand and he will make sure that he bury the brand completely. Eric said that he will beat him and pay him well. He said Mandonga is very poor so he will make sure that he has paid him well after beating him.

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