Krg the Don: How I Lost 50 Million on Tobacco Farming.

One of the most famous and controversial wealthy Kenyan musician, Krg the Don caused stir online, after he decided to reveal the worst job he has ever done, and how it made him lose millions of money.

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Speaking in an interview with Mpasho, Krg the Don said that he is a very successful business man, and in any profitable business, he is always ready to invest in money. He is a risk taker and this habit has helped him to gain millions of profits and that is why he is living an expensive lifestyle.

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The musician said that sometime back , he decided to venture into Tobacco Farming, because he had done research and seen that it is profitable. He invested in millions of money he did the farming process which was successfully.

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The harvesting , transportation and drying processes were also successful. However the problem came at the end, and everything went left. He lost everything mysteriously and that is how he lost ksh.50 Million. Krg didn’t reveal exactly what happened, but he said that things went left at the last minute and he lost everything.

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According to him that is the worst job he has ever than. It is still memorable till today, and while narrating the whole story, he still seemed to be regretting for investing in that business. ksh.50 Million is a huge amount of money to lose.

However with time the singer bounced back and he is currently living a lavish lifestyle in the suburbs and driving expensive cars.

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