Peter Salasya: My 1st Salary  Was Ksh.2.8 Million , Na Nilitumia Kupigisha Vijana Sherehe.

One of the most famous and happiest Kenyan politician who is loved by many people, Peter Salasya, who is a member of parliament, decided to open up on his first salary as an MP and how he used the money.

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Speaking in an interview with Obinna, Salasya said that before he was a member of parliament, he used to be a teacher, he was under the bod of management, he used to earn ksh.13,000 per month and he used to stay in a ksh.4000 per month as house rent.

He joined politics and he was optimistic that he will secure the Mumias East MP. Salasya said that he put God is his prayers and told him to do a favour for him, and decided to go in.

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After he secured the position of the member of parliament, he decided that he will appreciate people who voted for him, and promised to hold a party and celebration to the members of his society and consistuency.

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As soon as they assumed the position, they went for about 4 months without salary. Therefore they got their first salary in December and it was about ksh.2.8 Million. He used the money with his voters. He held a very big party in Mumias and gave his consistuency sugar and other goodies. He made sure he has appreciated them well.

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