Talent Haven Cultural Celebrations Extravaganza

Talent Haven Cultural Celebrations Extravaganza: Madaraka Day Celebrations

Talent Haven Studios is thrilled to announce the upcoming Talent Haven Cultural Celebrations Extravaganza. This event is designed to showcase the incredible range of talents nurtured within our studio, featuring live band performances of our artists’ songs. The theme for the evening will be cultural, offering attendees a unique and immersive experience that celebrates our rich heritage and diverse talents. The Talent Haven Cultural Celebrations Extravaganza aims to celebrate local culture and talent through a series of live performances and cultural activities. The event will be held on June 1, 2024, at Talent Haven Studios, from 5:00 pm till late night, and you are all invited.

About Talent Haven Studios

History and Mission

Talent Haven Studios has been a beacon for nurturing talent and creativity in the Meru community. Founded with the mission to discover, support, and showcase local talent, It has grown into a cultural hub, fostering a vibrant artistic community.


Notable Achievements

Over the years, Talent Haven Studios has produced several successful artists, hosted numerous events, and contributed significantly to the local cultural landscape. Our commitment to excellence and community engagement has made us a cornerstone of the local arts scene.

Talent Haven Studios: Nurturing Young Talents

Talent Haven Studios, just two months old, is already making waves in the entertainment industry. Our latest mentoring event, hosted by our brand superstar, has helped us sign a group of young, talented artists who will become the new faces of our brand.

Event Highlights

Live Band Performances

Our talented artists will perform their songs live, engaging the audience with their musical prowess and stage presence. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the vibrant and dynamic talent fostered at Talent Haven Studios.

Featured Artists

 Koffi Machette, emerging as the best artist in Meru

Other notable artists from Talent Haven Studios

A Collaboration with Jabalao Band

This event marks an exciting collaboration with Jabalao Band, a small but passionate group of enthusiastic young musicians. Their energy and talent perfectly align with our mission to foster creativity and innovation in the music industry.

N/B: This will be live performances from Talent Haven artists, hence the collaboration with the Jabalao band. Talent Haven artists will perform their songs in a live session setting.

Here are the artist that will be giving you a thrilling performance:

Oscar Dess
Babu B

The above artists are the signees of Talent Haven and they are aged between 18 to 22.



Performance Schedule

The event will kick off with an opening act at 5:30 pm, followed by performances every hour.

Cultural Theme

Embracing our cultural heritage, the event will feature hay grass seating to create an authentic, traditional atmosphere. This setup will transport attendees to a time-honored celebration of culture, adding a unique charm to the event.

Master of Ceremony

Koome of Nthenko TV

Koome of Nthenko TV will be the MC of the day. Known for his engaging presentation skills and ability to captivate an audience, Koome will ensure the event flows smoothly and maintain high energy levels throughout the evening.

Importance of the Event

 Community Engagement

The Talent Haven Cultural Celebrations Extravaganza is an exciting opportunity to celebrate our local culture and talent. By showcasing live performances, offering a culturally rich experience, and engaging the community, we aim to create a memorable event that will leave a lasting impact on all who attend.

Cultural Enrichment

We believe this event will not only highlight the talents within Talent Haven Studios but also contribute to the cultural enrichment of our community. It’s a chance to appreciate our heritage and support local artists.

Bring Your Own Refreshments

Guests are welcome to bring their own refreshments, ensuring they can enjoy the event in their preferred manner while promoting a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere. This policy allows for a more personalized and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Purpose and Impact

Although the event is free of charge, attendees will be encouraged to donate in appreciation of our artists’ performances. These donations will help support the artists and the ongoing operations of Talent Haven Studios. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a significant impact.

 Monthly Events

Future Events Schedule

Talent Haven will be hosting such events once every month. This regular schedule aims to build a tradition of cultural celebration and community engagement.

Building a Tradition

By making these events a monthly occurrence, we hope to create a lasting legacy that continuously supports and showcases local talent.

How to Participate

Attendee Information

To attend, simply mark your calendar for June 1, 2024, and join us at Talent Haven Studios from 5:00 pm. Bring your friends and family for a night of music, culture, and community.

 Contact Information

Address: Talent Haven Studios, P.O. Box 1373, Meru, Kenya

Phone: 0743045213 / 0701907260

Email : talenthavenstudio2024@gmail.com

Location: Makutano, Meru along Nanyuki Highway Opposite Gitoro Pastoral Center


Live Streaming Across All Platforms

We plan to broadcast the show live on all our social media platforms and channels, allowing everyone to enjoy the event from anywhere. This approach ensures that our audience can engage with our brand and the incredible talent we support, no matter where they are.

Empowering the Future of Music

At Talent Haven Studios, we believe in empowering the next generation of artists. Our mentoring programs and live events are designed to provide young talents with the exposure and opportunities they need to succeed in the competitive music industry.

Join Us on This Journey

As we continue to grow and expand, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Follow our social media channels to stay updated on our latest events, artist signings, and more. Talent Haven Studios is committed to making a positive impact on the music industry, and we are thrilled to have you along for the ride.


The Talent Haven Cultural Celebrations Extravaganza is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of our heritage, talent, and community spirit. Join us on June 1, 2024, for an unforgettable evening of live performances, cultural activities, and community engagement. Let’s come together to celebrate our rich culture and support our local artists.



  1. What is the Talent Haven Cultural Celebrations Extravaganza?

-It’s a cultural event featuring live band performances at Talent Haven Studios, celebrating local talent and heritage.

  1. Can I bring my own refreshments?

– Yes, guests are encouraged to bring their own refreshments, to enjoy the event in their preferred manner.

  1. What time does the event start?

– The event starts at 5:00 pm and continues till late night.

  1. How can I make a donation?

– Donations can be made at the event, with all contributions supporting our artists and studio operations.


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