Pascal Tokodi and Grace Savage Response To Their Breakup.

Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa Breakup

The story of the breakup between Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa, caught many people by surprise. The two were a perfect couple, and they were a celebrity couple, that many people were looking upto.

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They did their wedding in 2021, it was a private wedding, and it was clear that the two were a husband and wife. They even got a very cute child together binding their relationship.

However things started going left, and according to their close best friends, the trouble in paradise, demolished the paradise, and hence the two decided to separate.

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The information was from a very close friend, who even revealed how the two were suffering financially. Pascal and Grace, haven’t said anything about the breakup.

Famous radio presenter, Ankaliray decided to reach out to both of them via phone call. He first started by Pascal, who picked up the phone, and at the start the conversation was smooth. When Ankaliray started questioning about his relationship with Grace, Pascal felt offended and hanged up the call.

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Ankaliray didn’t give up, he decided to call Grace Ekirapa, who picked the phone, they were cool, untill Ankaliray asked a question about their relationship. Grace also felt offended and she immediately hanged up the call.

The two weren’t ready to talk about the breakup , that is why they felt offended and both hanged up the calls when Ankaliray started questioning them about their breakup. On Instagram we always see them hanging out with their child, they are co-peranting and that seems to work best for them.

Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok.

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