” Our Mum Got Sick After Watching My Sisters Video” Alicia Kanini’s Brother Reveals.

Alicia Kanini’s brother has finally come out to reveal to the public, how the family was ashamed when their sister went viral online, after sharing some intimate videos, that really portrayed a bad image of her and the entire family.

The young man said that they separated when they were still young, Alicia is the eldest, and she was born in 2002 , while for him, he was born in 2005. They have been raised by a single mum, and since they were young life has just been difficult.
He said that the video of Alicia Kanini doing nasty things went viral online, and unfortunately their mum so the video.She was shocked and since she was battling with a lifestyle illness, they had to rush her to hospital. She is still recovering and she is even ashamed of stepping out in public.
The boy said that as a family they apologize to the public for their sister misbehaving, and personally he disowns her. He said that they tried to reach out at Alicia Kanini but her response was savage, she said that she is hustling and they should stop interfering with her business.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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