Failing Music Career: Marakwet Daughters  Latest Song Gets Less Than 10k Views in 1 Month.

It is like things are going left for Marakwet daughter, the hitmaker of the famous , Mali safi Chito. She is a very talented woman, and after dropping her breakthrough song, Malisafi Chito, which has over 11 Million views, no other song from her has ever surpassed the 100,000 mark on YouTube.

What happened is that the singer choose a fight with Djs and told them never to use her songs in their mixtapes, without consulting her or paying her some fee. It was a very nasty fight online, she even went to an extend of insulting her own fans, and this was the beginning of her failure.
Marakwet daughter was very arrogant, and still wanted her fans to listen to her , she went on releasing another music, and the more she released new song, the more the YouTube views kept on reducing, and the more Kenyans continued to forget her.

Her latest song which she released a month ago, the song titled “No Giving Up” is performing poorly on YouTube and in a month now, it has only 8000 views, it hasn’t even surpassed the 10,000 mark. This is a very poor performance, and things might even get worser.
What she needs to do is to apologize to the public and maybe people will forgive her and continue streaming her music. She is very talented and her songs are very inspiring.

Here is the link to her YouTube .

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