Obinna: I Have Spent Over Ksh.5.5 Million In Releasing Over 55 Songs But Non Has Ever Trended.

Oga Obinna finally decided to open up on his music journey, and how it has been difficult for him to make it in the music industry. He has been releasing songs but non of them has ever trended.

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Speaking during his show, Obinna revealed that as at in 2024, he has released over 55 songs and he has shot videos for all those songs and non of the videos costed him less than ksh.100,000.

Obinna said that it is so sad that out of all those songs , non of them has ever trended online. Kenyans have never noticed him. They always ignore his songs but he has never given up , he will continue releasing songs.

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Obinna said that he started as a musician , but comedy opened a door to success for him, however him trying to comeback to music has been difficult, and it has never gone his side.
He even did a collaboration with Several artists including Mr Seed and many more others , the song is called Friday night, he expected it to trend but Kenyans slept on it.
Despite being successful in comedy, Obinna is optimistic that one day he will be a famous musician in Kenya and he is determined to do so.

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