Nyako : Kuna Part2 Ya Nyapwetho!!, Aliniambia Nipanue Vizuri, Iko na Nywele Mob Sahi.

Pilot Nyako seems not to be giving up on being on the trending page, especially in Kenya. The tiktoker who went viral online, after her nude videos leaked online, decided to reveal how she was about to be tricked to record the second video of her while not having clothes.

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She had the courage to speak on how her alleged boyfriend who leaked the video was trying to convince her. She said that he called her and told her that he is interested in seeing her private parts. He wanted her to make it more interesting by playing with the parts and even licking them, like how the onlyfans things work.

However this time round she was clever enough and didn’t fall for that trap. She learned from her previous mistakes and said that now she is a very changed woman, who can’t even do such.

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However Nyako revealed that since her video leaked, she has never tried to shave her private parts. She won’t even shave them, hence incase it leaks again, people will only see the hairs. She said that she has moved on from that, and nothing will ever stop her.

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