Krg The Don: Otile Brown Hanishindi Chochote, The Rangerover He Owns Now, I Had It Nikiwa 13 Years.

Lightskin beef between Otile Brown and Krg The Don is getting messy. The two have been throwing shades at each other. It all started when Otile Brown said that  there are no successful musicians in East Africa who have made it to the international standards, they both have to put in more work.

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Krg The Don decided to fireback and revealing how he helped Otile Brown to become who he is now. He even revealed how he paid for his first project and how he helped him release music that gave him fame.

While in Tanzania, Krg The Don decided to hit out at Otile Brown. He said that Otile doesn’t defeat him in anything. He makes more money from music than him, he is very successful in life than him, he is a family man with four children while Otile is still playing with women.

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Krg The Don went on and said that the Range rover that Otile Brown currently owns, he first owned it at the age of 13 years, so that isn’t something to brag about. Remember Krg has a collection of cars, including the Rangerover 2023 worth about ksh.34 Million. His cheapest car is an Audi that is worth about ksh.7 Million, which is probably the price of the Rangerover Otile Brown owns.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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