Inside a Ksh.37 Million Hospital Ward In Kijabe Owned By Daddy Owen.

Musician Daddy Owen is among the famous veteran artist in Kenya who have been at the forefront of using their fame and resources to give back to the community. Daddy Owen has amazed many Kenyans, after he flaunted his hospital ward in Kijabe, worth ksh.37 Million.

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It is a very unique hospital ward, because it is meant for the physically challenged patients or the disabled. According to Daddy Owen , he decided to start this project after he saw how parents were having difficult time to take care of their physically challenged children as they receive treatment.

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Generally caring people with special needs, while undergoing treatment is expensive and majority of Kenyans can’t afford it. Daddy Owen therefore decided to partner with senior people in the government and other donors and they started building a special hospital ward for such children and patients.

Daddy Owen's hospital in Kijabe
Daddy Owen’s hospital in Kijabe

The hospital has many rooms and every basic need. It is designed in a way that it can accommodate any physical challenged person.It has alot of spacing and the environment is very conducive , meaning that all the patients will be having peace of mind.

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It is based in Kijabe area, and they are finalizing its construction. By the end of 2023, it will be operating fully. The musician said that he has always wanted to do this, and he is thankful to God that it is happening.


He said that he has been giving back to the society, and he will continue to use his resources and connections to make sure that he helps as many people as possible.


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