” Heri Ninyonge Kuliko Kukula Kaveve Kazoze” 2Mbili Opens Up On Sleeping With Ngesh.

When Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze first went viral online in the beginning of 2023, Comedian 2mbili was among the people and media personalities with good hearts who were very will to help her. 2 Mbili drove from Nairobi to Naivasha to pick Ngesh and started planning interviews and deals for her.

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The fame grew, and Ngesh saw 2mbili as a person who was using her, this is after his brother mislead her and took over the managerial job. The two fell out, Ngesh said that 2mbili was just using her, so the comedian decided to stay back.

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When the two parted ways, there were allegations online that 2 mbili was sleeping with her. It was a trending story, and the comedian answered it in a savage way. He said that Ngesh is over 18 years so she can have it , is not an offence.

However in a interview with Jalang’o Tv 2mbili denied sleeping with Ngesh. He said that he better pleasure himself than sleep with Kaveve Kazoze. 2mbili said that he was just there to help her, but Ngesh saw as if he wanted to use her. He therefore decided to stay back.

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Since he left Ngesh and the crew, deals started to disappear, and after few months, the thing that he had warned them against occurred, and now Ngesh and the crew are broke, and non of the people who promised them has ever fulfilled their promises.


Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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