Kevin Kinuthia Opens Up on Stealing  People’s Boyfriend’s.

Tiktoker Kevin Kinuthia opens up on Stealing People's Boyfriend's

One of the famous content creator and tiktoker, Kevin Kinuthia has opened up on allegations , of him stealing people’s boyfriend’s. Kinuthia who is a famous crossdresser and known for behaving like ladies despite being a man decided to address the issues.

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Speaking in an interview with Vincent Mboya. Kinuthia said that he is always silent when it comes to those allegations. There are several tiktokers who have been claiming that Kinuthia is snatching their boyfriends. Several stories have gone viral online, and he has never responded to them.

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He said openly that those are just claims, he has never snatched anyone’s boyfriend. Kinuthia said that those are just clout chasers, who want to use his name to get views. He however didn’t speak about his sexuality and whether he is a gay or straight.

Kinuthia said that he has been single for 1 year and , he has never got intimate with anyone. He is currently practicing celibacy because he fear love.

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The tiktoker said that when the right time comes he will publicly unveil his lover. He said that he is focusing on making it in life and the love will come later. He also revealed that his celebrity crush is Juma Jux and Diana Marua.

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