“Nitakuzalia  Mtoto Ukinipea Chance” Famous Comedian Confesses Her Love For Mulamwah.

Doris Dove Confessing Her Love For Mulamwah.


Amid the scandals that Mulamwah is is facing and social media trolls from bullies, after exposing the dirty side of Carol, A famous female comedian has decided to hit up on him.

Doris Dove who is one of the funniest Kalenjin comedian with over 50k followers on her Facebook page, has decided to try her luck by confessing her love for Mulamwah.

Doris made it public via her official Facebook page that she is very much ready to get pregnant for Mulamwah, she said that is if Mulamwah accepts to be in love with her, because she has already crushed and fallen in love with him.
(Here is the screenshot of Doris Love sweet request for Mulamwah).

(courtesy, Doris Dove Facebook).

This request has come at the time where Mulamwah has lost interest in love, and he is indeed going through a lot. After breaking up with Carol Sonnie, Mulamwah said that he won’t fall in love very soon and he is busy making money. So for Doris Dove maybe if Mulamwah sees she is fit but currently with the hard times Mulamwah is going through, it may be difficult for him to fall in love with her.

Doris is a beautiful girl and also funny and her vibe can rhyme with Mulamwah because they are all comedians but we wish her all the best.

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