“Nimemuacha But We are Still Friends With Benefits” Stivo Simple Boy Opens Up.

Stivo Simple Boy and Pritty Vishy

Stivo Simple Boy has come out openly to explain to the public his current relationship with his beautiful ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy. The two lover birds broke up just a week ago over Infidelity issues. Pritty said that she felt like Stevo had cheated on her by hanging out with Adasa. On the other hand Stevo said that Pritty can’t make a good wife because of her behaviours.

Speaking in an interview with Radio Maisha, Stevo made it clear that he is single, but this doesn’t mean that he has completely dumped Pritty. Stevo said that Pritty will remain to be his friend and they have more projects they are working on together. So they are still friends with benefits, they have only cut out the love part.

It seems to be a very challenging because Nairobians know very well what friends with benefits means in the city. Best friends do a lot of things to an extent of having cosy moments together.
On her relationship with Adasa, Stivo said that Adasa is also his best friend and she is also in the friends with benefit zone. So Stivo Simple Boy is single but he has two female friends who are of benefits, he is indeed a man who is living his dream life, he enjoys both ends. All the best Stivo we hope you will stop giving Kenyan ladies sleepless nights.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube. (courtesy of Radio Maisha).





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