” I Regret Rejecting Over 100 Men, Now I’m 86 Years And Still A Virgin, No Man Wants Me”

The story of Sofia is very shocking and also it is a lesson to most women, because Sofia made some mistakes that she still regrets . She is at 86 years and she is still a virgin no man hasd even showed interest at her .

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Sofia is a woman who was born and raised in Tanzania. Just like other children, she went to school , and she was optimistic that her life will just follow the path that was in her head. She wanted to finish school and get married to a wealthy guy and together they have a good family.

Therefore while in school and still a teen, Sofia never used to hangout with men, even after completing, when her parents organised her to get married, she will just tell by someones face that the guy is not wealthy, she will go ahead and reject them man.

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She admitted on an interview, that in her life , she has rejected over 100 men, who showed up as her suitors, whe she was still a young girl. She wanted to get married to a man of her dreams.

" I Regret Rejecting Over 100 Men, Now I'm 86 Years And Still A Virgin, No Man Wants Me"
” I Regret Rejecting Over 100 Men, Now I’m 86 Years And Still A Virgin, No Man Wants Me”

Years kept on going and she kept on getting older without a man, as she gets older the chances of her getting married started to decrease, no man was showing interest at her, she tried to find a man, but her efforts failed.

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At the age of 86, Sofia still regrets the mistakes she made at her prime age. She is now a virgin and desperately looking for a young energetic man who can marry her. Just like other women she still have dreams if getting a child. Which is somehow impossible at her age, but maybe it might happen like a miracle, though at that age women are always past the menopause .

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