“We are Broke, We use Plastic Bags as Condoms” Naivasha Rosecoco Sellers Reveal.

Naivasha Sex Workers Using Plastic Bags as Condoms.

High cost of living has made alot of Naivasha Sex Workers,including young ladies and mature women to venture into prostitution, so that they can earn their daily living.

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Naivasha is one of the towns in Kenya that is famous for having commercial sex workers. In the recent interview with Tuko, majority of prostitute revealed that they are just in the business so that they can feed their families.

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They said that currently the business is down and they can even make nothing in a day. Some of them can’t even afford to buy condoms, hence they usually use plastic bags, which is risky, because they end up contracting some serious diseases.

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A good number of them admitted that they are on HIV medication but because of hard life and unemployment, they are left with only one option which is selling their bodies to strangers at a cheaper price.

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