Mzee Ojwang Died Rich’, Mama Kayai and Colleagues Reveals The Wealth He Left Behind.

Benson Wanjau famous as Mzee Ojwang is still in the memories of many Kenyans, as one of the famous actors to ever exist in the country. The veteran actor died in July 2015, due to pneumonia and other complications.

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He was famous for his Vitimbi show, that used to be aired at KBC TV.  When he died, there was a narrative that went viral, that he was very poor, this is because , fellow actors had to come together raise funds to give him a decent burial.

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This raised alot of questions about the state of veteran Actors in Kenya, where it was claimed that majority of them were famous but living a very poor life because, they used to receive peanuts from acting. Others used to misuse their money.

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Mama Kayai and some of the actors who worked closely with Mzee Ojwang , have come out openly, to clear the romours, that the actor was poor.

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They revealed that he used to save his money well, and by the time he died, Ojwang had bought a land at Kasarani and built his own plot there. His wife and children are residing there and the rental houses are still sustaining them till to date.

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The price of land in areas that are along Thika Road has hiked, and if the family decide to sell the plot, then they may sell it  millions of money. So Ojwang was brave and he invested the little money he earned from acting very well.

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