” Nilizaa na Mjinga Kikaniramba” Jackie Matubia Slams Her Baby Daddy.

One of the most famous and celebrated kenyan actress Jackie Matubia, has been controversial for a while. Matubia has gone viral online several times, since they parted ways with her baby daddy blessing Lung’aho.

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Since separating, Blessing has never came out online to speak about their relationship or what happened. However Jackie has spilled the beans online several times, hinting on the reason why she was forced to part ways with blessing.

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Jackie has been slamming Blessing online both directly and indirectly. Through a video on her official YouTube channel, Jackie opened up on what has been happening in her life.

She revealed that one of her baby daddy funded her trip to Dubai to celebrate her childs birthday. She praised the baby daddy, as she indirectly slams blessings Lung’aho with a very mocky statement.

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Matubia told women to make sure that they get children with men who have brains. She said that she is regretting, because she made a very big mistake of getting a child with a dump person.
” Mkipata watoto, pateni na watu wako na akili, nilipata mtoto na Mjinga Kikaniramba” Jackie Matubia said.

The statement was obviously directed to Blessings. Netizens were very angry with Matubia’s words, and majority of them told her not to talk bad about her baby daddy. They urged her to be mature and heal in silent.

They told Jackie that she is supposed to be aware that Blessing will forever remain to be the father of her child, and nothing will change that, so shaming him is and wil never be a solution.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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