Myle Staicey Reveals That She is Only 21 Years.

One of the most famous Kenyan celebrity and content creators, Myle Staicey, who has been going viral because of her on and off relationship with former gospel artist Weezdom, caused stir online, after she decided to reveal her age.

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Through a question and answer session, Myle Staicey decided to respond to a question asked by her fan, about her age. The fan confidently asked her how old she is.

This is a question that most ladies don’t answer, to an extent that they have come up with a notion that, ladies should not be questioned about their age.

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Myle didn’t hesitate to answer the question, she said that she is currently 21 years, and on November 29th, she will be turning 22 years. This is very astonishing, because no one can believe that she is that young.

Myle Staicey Reveals She is Only 21 Years
Myle Staicey Reveals She is Only 21 Years

It might be true or a lie, however according to the podcast and how she always talks, she seems to be more mature. Her on and off boyfriend, Weezdom is 30 years plus, and they started dating when he was a teen. It is difficult to tell who is telling the truth and who is faking it.

Because she is a public figure, something like age is always crucial, hence most of the celebrities rarely tell their years online. Especially ladies, they forever remain 21 years. Lets not intrude into their personal lives, we wish them all the best.

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