Felicity Shiru Opens Up On Being Pregnant For Thee Pluto Again?!

After the birth of their first bundle of joy, Baby Zoey, Felicity Shiru and Thee Pluto decided to keep their lifestyle more private. The two avoided online interviews and Thee Pluto took some social media break before making a comeback with his loyalty test show.

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Living as a happy family, Netizens noticed something unusual with Felicity Shiru’s tummy and they started speculating pregnancy. As usual Kenyans started telling her congratulations , in the comment section, and majority of the people were very convinced that Felicity is pregnant again for Thee Pluto.

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The comments caught the attention of Felicity, and she decided to take a screenshot, and open up on the speculation. Fel shared the screenshot on her official Instagram page with a Swahili caption. ” Naona mshaanipea mimba pale YouTube”( I see you have made me pregnant on YouTube).

This was like a mocky response to Kenyans, because they are always speculating things that they are not sure off. According to fel she seems not to be pregnant to Thee Pluto. However in most cases, speculation by kenyans always come true, especially on celebrities pregnancy, a good number of the speculations by kenyans have always come to pass.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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