A Fish With Human Teeth Caught By Fishermen At Indian Ocean.( Video).

A Strange Fish Caught At Indian Ocean

A viral video of a fish with human like teeth that was caught at Indian Ocean, has really caused stir online, and it has led to mixed reactions from Kenyans , especially on Instagram and Tiktok.

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It is a unique fish and it is something that people or the fishermen haven’t encountered. According to reports from reliable sources, it is said that the fish was caught by a fisherman from Lamu area, Indian Ocean.

A Strange Fish Caught At Indian Ocean
A Strange Fish Caught At Indian Ocean

The fish had teeth that resemble human being, and that is something that raised questions among Kenyans. How is that possible, and how is it that it is the only fish that has such kind of teeth. Those are questions that can only be answered by marine experts.

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Research has shown that there are different species of fish, and there are others that continue to emerge as the climate change. Therefore in the coming years, there will be also other new species of . Deep seas and Oceans have many types of fish, hence for this one, research has to he done to determine how it ended up to have human like teeth.

Here is the link to the video showing how the fish looks like.


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