” Nilikuwa Mrembo Sana , But Now Cancer Is Finishing Me” Sad Story of Annet.

We all hate sickness and pray always for good health. Annet Msanabera a very beautiful girl , who had a very bright future, fell victim of cancer illness, that has really ruined her health and made her feel worthless.

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She was a very bright student in school, and before being admitted in Nyagatare hospital (Rwanda), Annet had only remained with one year to complete her secondary education, and proceed to university to pursue her dream course.

" Nilikuwa Mrembo Sana , But Now Cancer Is Finishing Me" Sad Story of Annet.
” Nilikuwa Mrembo Sana , But Now Cancer Is Finishing Me” Sad Story of Annet.

However sickness started all over sudden, she was in and out of the hospital several times.It really took time for the doctors to discover that she was battling with cancer. Speaking in an interview, Annet said that the doctor told her that they had discovered her case late , hence chances of her surviving are minimal.

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When her family and friends heard that she was battling with cancer, and survival chances are minimal, they disowned her. She says that her own parents said that they are ready for any news, whether dead or alive.

For about 5 months, no one from her family ever stepped a foot in the hospital to visit her. Loneliness led to mental health challenges, plus cancer, and this really drained her.
Being disowned by your family, when you need them the most, is very painful, Annet has been suffering and her condition keeps on worsening.

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She says that even friends mock and speculate that she is suffering from HIV, yet it is cancer. Despite all the challenges Annet is optimistic that one day she will get out of the hospital. At the age of 23 , she is still has hope of achieving her set goals, and greatly needs support from people of goodwill.
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