Meet The Luckiest Kenyan Man Who is Dating Beautiful Triplets.

Kenyan Man Dating Triplets.


Triplets dating one man have been trending online, and most people have been wondering who is the man warming the beds of the beautiful triplets. Big man Stevo well known as Comrade flavour is among the luckiest men in Kenya . Comrade flavour who is among the famous content creator in Kenya is the man who is dating the beautiful Gikuyu triplets.

The triplets are deeply in love with him and they are contented with him alone. Mary, Kate and Eve openly said that Comrade Flavour is their ideal man and the man they have all been looking for.

In one of the interviews, the triplets said that they have a plan on how to satisfy their boyfriend Stevo. They said they usually go in turns but on a day like Friday they always go all at once because it is a party day.
(Photo of Bigman Stevo).

(courtesy comrade flavour Instagram).

The triplets also revealed that marriage negotiations are going on and very soon Bigman Stevo will pay dowry and marry them. Stevo on the other hand is a man in love and he openly said that he is ready to marry the 3 girls and he will take care of them equally and satisfy them equally.
(Photos of the triplets, Marry, kate and Eve).

(courtesy comrade triplets Instagram).

He admitted that it is sometimes a hard task but since he loves all of them he usually makes sure that they are all happy and also well treated. He said he is much ready to marry them.
We hope everything will work out well, and we pray that their relationship last forever. All the best.

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