“Natafuta Mature Man, I Have Been Dryspell For 5Years” Desperate Pritty Vishy Mother Cries Out.

Pritty Vishy’s Mother , decided to open up on her relationship status and the difficulties she faced while she was in Saudia for a period of 5 years. She was a househelp, and she jetted back into the country recently ( 2023).

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Speaking through a question and answer session. The mum revealed that life in Saudia wasn’t easy for her. The first few months were like hell, because  her Arab boss wasn’t understanding both English and Swahili, for her she wasn’t understanding Arab.

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Language barrier was a very huge problem, it took her time to start understanding arab language. She was forced to be very humble and not to talk to people, the way she used to do while in Kenya.

The mother revealed that the other major problem she faced, was lack of conjugal rights. Remember in Arab nations, they strictly adhere to the teachings of Quaran, and in the Islam holy book, getting intimate is only for married people.

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For a period of 5 years, Pritty Vishy’s mother has been untouched, and she has never enjoyed any conjugal rights. She said at first it was tough, but she was forced to adhere to it and it became part of her life.

The mum however said that she is ready to get married again. She said that this time round she just want a mature man. She still have trauma of a toxic relationship, and if she gives it a chance, the man must be mature enough.

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She said that she is ready to settle with a mature man, and also enjoy conjugal rights, just like other women. She said that she won’t return in Saudia Arabia again, she is back in her country, and she is here to stay.

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