Bien: I Charge Between Ksh.7.5 Million to Ksh.15 Million For A Collabo.

The senior member of Sautisol and one of the most famous and successful artist in Kenya, Biensoul, finally decided to reveal to the public, the amount of money , you have to pay him for any collaboration.

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Speaking in an interview with Mpasho, Bien, who is considered as one of the dopest songbirds in the country, revealed that his ratecard is very high, and affordable to musician who really want to invest in their artwork.

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Bien said that currently to have him in any collaboration, you will have to pay him between ksh.7.5 Million to Ksh.15 Milllion. That is the amount of money you must have to pay him for featuring him on any collaboration.

He added that, it also depends, in a case whereby he will be required to remove shirt in the video, then the price will rise. In other words, Bien was trying to set levels and prove to kenyans that he is on the same level, with the international artists, that they normally praise.

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In Sautisol crew, Bien is the one who has alot of external collaboration, and most of his collaboration have been hitsongs. He has featured in songs with international artists, and he didn’t disappoint. His vocals and experience in the music industry, is worth to be paid such amount of money, because if he jumps in a collabo , then it automatically becomes a hitsong.


Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok.

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