JohnThe Baptist From Bungoma: Mimi Sikubatiza Yesu Wa Tongaren na Simjui, Hio ni Uongo.

The self proclaimed John the Baptist from Bungoma, has broke silence over the allegations that he is the one who baptised the self proclaimed Jesus from Tongaren, which is also found in Bungoma.

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Speaking in an interview with one of the online media, John the Baptist said that he is only aware of Jesus Christ, he baptised in Israel. The real Jesus Christ who is in the bible.
He said that he didn’t baptize Jesus Christ who is based in Tongaren. He went on and said that he has never met with Yesu wa Tongaren, he even doesn’t know how he operates.

John the Baptist from Bungoma
John the Baptist from Bungoma

He went on and said that if Yesu Wa Tongaren claims that he is the one who baptised him, maybe he was the one he baptised in Israel, but he isn’t sure of that.

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He urged people to stop mocking Gods prophets, because each one of them was sent by God to perform different task. He said that Yesu Wa Tongaren is doing his things and he will never interfere with his work.

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He said that the main reason why Bukusu land is having alot of prophets, is because, in the bible it is written that most prophets came from a humble background, and that is the case in Bukusu land. He vowed to continue with his ministry work and he is optimistic that everything will go as he expects.

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