CassyPool Exposes: ‘Daddy Owen and I Beg for Help from Charlene Ruto

CassyPool Exposes Daddy Owen

In a revealing TikTok video, renowned Kenyan celebrity critic, CassyPool, shed light on the controversy surrounding Daddy Owen and Charlene Ruto’s alleged dating.

CassyPool asserted that both he and Daddy Owen are mere beggars seeking financial and other assistance from Charlene Ruto, debunking any notions of a romantic involvement.

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“Daddy Owen should stop pretending; we are both beggars. We go to Charlene Ruto together to seek help. There’s no dating involved; it’s just seeking support. Daddy Owen is just a beggar like me,” emphasized CassyPool.

Throughout his ongoing criticism, CassyPool aims to dispel the rumors and convince the public that there is no romantic relationship between Daddy Owen and Charlene Ruto.

To view the full video, follow this link: [TikTok Video](https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM69Mmbqx/).

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