” He was good in bed na Ananipea Pesa” Manzi Wa Kibera Praises her Older Lover .

Manzi Wa Kibera Praises her older Lover.

The most controversial female socialite in Kenya , Manzi Wa Kibera or Wamboo  introduced her older lover. The man was too old than her , but according to Wamboo, they were a perfect match and she will stay with him till forever.

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Despite being too old, Manzi Wa Kibera said that the man was too old but he was very good in bedroom. She said that his bed game was very lit and he provided her with everything. He also gives her enough money .

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The old man allegedly was very wealthy, and he owned several garages in Nairobi.He waw 65 years old while Manzi wa Kibera is only 26 years. He was from Kilimambogo. During the interview, the old man said that his wife died in 2007 and he has been single till he met Manzi Wa Kibera.

Manzi Wa Kibera
Manzi Wa Kibera with her older lover

On the other side , Manzi Wa Kibera said that now she was ready to settle, and she was very much ready to get children with the Oldman. She said that she was the retirement package of the man, and she feels that she has found her peace of mind.

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The two lover birds are enjoying their love birds ,and they are about to start going on vacations together.

Unfortunately after an on and of relationships with Manzi Wa Kibera, Mzee met his death on 21st April 2024. RIP Mzee.

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