My Family Hardships Turns Heavenly.

 The thing I loved about our family is that they always respected each other. I adored my small sister so much as she always gave me console. She was always smiling and happy, always talkative. On the other side my mum was the quiet one. She never talked that much but liked cooking alot, sometimes cookies or even cakes. Even though everything was great, there was a problem. My had a problem at school: he was bullied by most of his friends, but the school psychologist didn’t care and neither did the teachers.

At  just 14 years old, my brother faced more hardships in school than most people of his age. Every week my mother would go and try talk to the school principal and politely tell him about the problem and that they could only solve together. The principal always denied about the bullying but always said the kids were just making fun, but on the look things were getting out of hand. His early childhood was marked by abuse and constant evictions despite my parents raising us well.

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2021 was marked by corona virus and everything started changing and  becoming hard. My dad who worked as a teacher was forced to stay at home because schools had been closed. We started using up our savings are most of the times we bet this hardships despite everything. Having received a loan from the equity bank my father was able to pay rent for the month of January and February and for now the house agent wouldn’t bother anymore.
During this period I could see from the news that  two out of ten Kenyans or roughly 10 million people were living on about a hundred and fifty shillings per day, which was so low compared to normal times. Everybody was moving from the City back to upcountry,but for us who didn’t have a place to stay, back at our “Ushago” were left behind to beat the pandemic. Life was getting hard from day to day and week to week.

All the evening tea breaks disappeared, the hangouts and family picnics completely came to a stop and the real struggle began. A tomato now was going at 20 bob, compared to normal times when twenty bob could buy three tomatoes and sometimes a discount ‘nyanya’ could be offered. We could even pay for our television set and it wasnt even long before my father sold it and bought a radio. It was funny, because we had to listen to news now instead of watching but I tried understand the situation and gave myself hope.
My parents tried different organizations for employment but most weren’t employing. Most people were now partially getting back to work but for my father and mother it was the other way round. My University education too was cut short  so I had to study online. This was hard, and not like before as the internet bundles couldn’t be purchased. It was either bundles or food. At the city the Helter and skelter normal businesses came to a stand still and the normal businesses weren’t crowded like always.
By this time a curfew had been drawn and loosening the restrictions could cause a rise of virus infections in crowded places so we had to stick at our houses all day.Before the end of April our family had run out of money and food and life was completely hard for all of us especially my parents. They had to raise up money for food everyday and I could see it was becoming hard for them, so they stated taking loans from friends. Things had changed from great to worse and I could also feel the pressure.
Every night my sister could whisper to my ear,”When corona is over are mum and dad going back to work?” I could just take a deep breathe and say, “They will baby.”My parents starting having arguments often and this made me feel sick. He was always explosive and stubborn and poured all his anger on us. My mum too could be depressed and I could see her health was not good.  During most of the arguments I went to bed, took hold of my smaller sister and tried to sleep but it was always difficult to close an eye let alone sleep.

Sometimes my dad could come to our bedroom to check and we would pretend to be asleep. We had gotten used to his consoles after arguments but after this, he never even did it.The only thing that kept me going was my best friend Silvia. During the day I would try hide and hang out with her, and when my dad called I would lie that I was at the market checking the range price of different Vegetables and fruits. Financial problems, neglect of responsibilities, lack of respect and even infidelity was what we experienced every day.

It was May 13th when I saw a poster at one of the streets of the old Nairobi town about the Kiwanga doctors. I talked to them about my endurances and hopefully they had solved all that in a few days. Before June My father got a job and was promoted as a manager in a wines and spirits Depot around town while my mother got a job at a designer organization. There salary were now enough to cater for use and by the end of June we had moved to a three bedroom apartment and my dad bought a car. Kiwanga doctors had really made a miracle happen. They had helped us greatly and I would advice anyone with any kind of problem to visit them.
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