Do You Still Remember Leonard Mambo Mbotela ?, This is what Happened to Him.

The story of Kenyas best journalist ever , Leonard Mambo Mbotela.

Leonard Mambo mbotela is still one of the best everJournalists in Kenya. His name is still fresh to the 80s, 90s and even some of 2000 born individuals.

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Mambo Mbotela was famously known for his show “Je, Huu Ni Uungwana?”. The show  was being aired state-owned KBC Chanel 1 and KBC Radio Taifa.He wasBorn in 1940 in Mombasa,(82years ago).

Leonard Mambo Mbotela
Leonard Mambo Mbotela /Photo Courtesy

He served as the best Journslist During Moi’s error. Mbotela, was the one who was forced at a gun point, in the year 1982, to announce on air that Moi’s government has been overthrown, by coups.

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During Kibaki’s time Leonard Mambo Mbotela was still among the best journalists in Kenya. His  program used to run on and broadcasting channel(KBC). It was one of the most watched programs in Kenya and it was indeed very educative.

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Mambo started disappearing from limelight in the year 2010. I guess it was because of old age. He needed time to relax, till today Mbotela is staying in Mombasa with his family.

The veteran journalist  is living a very cool life, though he has been having financial issues. but well wishers have been supporting him.

He is still healthy and KBC, still repeats some of his best programs. May you live longer Leonard Mambo Mbotela. May God Continue protecting you, you indeed changed the field of journalism in Kenya.

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