“Ladies Misbehaved, Cindy Alikuwa Mlevi Sana” Tiktokers Exposed for Smoking Weed and Urinating On Chira’s Grave.

There was alot of drama that happened at Brian Chira’s event, unfortunately, the media only showed the positive side, and hence it seemed like everything was fine, and everyone was doing good.

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However according to Githaiga Samuel who was present in the funeral, Tiktokers really misbehaved. He said the female tiktokers are the ones who misbehaved alot. Men tried to be have maturely.

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He started by exposing Cindy, he said that Cindy came to bury Chira while drunk, she was intoxicated, to an extent that she was just crying anyhowly. People are mourning and Cindy is crying over missing food.
Githaiga said that there were tiktokers who were smoking marijuana live, and some of the intoxicated ones, were even urinating at the graveside.It was more of a club event, it wasn’t mourning because people came for show off and get intoxicated.

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He said that the viral tiktokers hired expensive cars to just come and show off. After missing food they started to complain, yet they arrived in expensive cars. Githaiga said that Baba Talisha did his best and Tiktokers should just style up and stop ashaming themselves.

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