Kuwa na Heshima! Angry Kenyans Bash Rigathi Gachagua After Calling Raila ” Mzee Wa Kuzimia”.

Kenyans Bash Rigathi Gachagua for Insulting Raila Odinga.

Rigathi Gachagua has find himself on the wrong side of the Kenyans on social media. This is after he made awful remarks about Raila Odinga. Gachagua accompanied  president Ruto to a thanks giving ceremony in Machakos and his speech made section of Kenyans angry.

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We are past the campaign period , but the deputy president is still hitting out at Raila Odinga. In his speech , Gachagua referred to Raila Odinga as ‘Mzee wa Kuzimia’.

” Sisi hatuna shida na Kalonzo Musyoka, tunamngoja. Nyinyi watu wa Ukambani ndio mtaamua. Ukweli ni kwamba tulimtafuta tukitaka akuje upande wetu, na yeye akarudi kwa ule mzee wa kuzimia” .

The statements have angered Kenyans , and most people have told the deputy president to show some respect, to the former prime minister. Some said that instead of focusing on how the country will bounce back, he is still in the campaign mode, insulting someone who is not in the government.

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Here are the screenshots of some of the comments from Kenyans online.

Rigathi Gachagua
Kenyans bash Rigathi Gachagua for Insulting Raila Odinga/Courtesy

The Deputy president seems to be still having the pain he underwent during Uhuru regime, that is why he always hits out at Raila and Uhuru Kenyatta in all his speeches.

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