How Abel Mutua is Making Millions of Money on YouTube Through Story Telling.

How Abel Mutua is Making Millions from YouTube.

Abel Mutua famous as Mkurugenzi, is one of the best story tellers and also script writer in Kenya. He is a legendary and he has proved that he is talented. Abel is also an actor and also he is a musician, but he has ventured into the field of acting and story telling.

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The former Tahidi High actor came up with a very unique niche , that can only be done with him perfectly. He usually tell people stories. All the stories he narrates have a moral lesson. They are either about his life, friends life or those that are in the book of history.

He begun this during the Covid 19 period. It all started like a joke , but now it is paying him millions of money. Abel Mutua is now among the content creators in Kenya who have high number of subscribers on YouTube.

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People love his stories and he has over 350,000 subscribers on YouTube. His videos usually get over 100k views in less than 24 hours. Remember the stories aren’t only watched by Kenyans, people from abroad do watch , this means that his CPM is high.

Reliable sources have revealed that Abel Mutua earns over ksh. 1.5 Million from YouTube each month. In addition to this people usually send him some motivation fee , because he usually leave his phone number, for anyone who feels like supporting him, to do so.

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He is wealthy and living a lavish lifestyle in one of cool places along Thika Road. Abel Mutua is driving a Mercedes Benz worth ksh.3.5 Million. He is also the CEO of Philit production company, which belongs to him and his friend Philip Karanja.

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