Krg The Don: I Own Over 3000 Acres Of Land in Different parts of Kenya.

Krg The Don reveals his wealth

The battle of the richest artist in Kenya is getting steamy. Each celebrity is trying to prove to Kenyans that they are wealthy, some have gone to an extend of showing off cash and bank statements. Krg The Don on the other hand he still holds that he is the richest musician in Kenya.

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Speaking in an interview with Spm Buzz, Krg the Don said that , things like cars can’t be included in wealth, because they are liabilities and they depreciate. According to Krg , wealth and richness should be calculated in accordance to the fixed assets a person owns.

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The reason why he is still the richest musician in Kenya and East Africa is that he has alot of fixed assets. Krg revealed that currently he owns over 3,000 acres of land in different parts of Kenya. He is still purchasing other pieces of land.

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In addition to this the controversial musician also said that he owns several companies, and applications that brings money for him on daily basis. In one of the interviews Krg The Don also revealed that he is into real estate business and owns several milling industries.

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The Don said that in Kenya their is no artist that can be compared to him , when it comes to being wealthy, the only person who he knows that he is wealthy in Kenya is Khaligraph Jones, the remaining are others.

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