Krg The Don Buys RangeRover 2023, Worth Ksh.34 Million.

As many kenyans are complaining of harsh economy and battling even to get a dollar in a day, Kenyan dancehall artist, Krg the Don is busy increasing his car collection. Krg The Don is the new owner of the latest Rangerover in town. That is Rangerover 2023 model.

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This car is a very sophisticated, suave and sleek machine. It is currently  the most expensive Rangerover in town, and its prices ranges from ksh.34 Million to Ksh.45 million. It depends on the type a person acquires.

It is a car that is always driven by billionaires and in Kenya , only wealthy business people, and politicians are capable of affording such a machine. It is a VIP standard machine and it is more comfortable with all the requirements that VIP vehicles deserve to have.

Krg The Don flaunted the new machine via his Instagram channel, and it clearly an imported machine.

Krg The Don buys Rangerover 2023
Krg The Don buys Rangerover 2023

Here is the link

Is Rangerover a reliable car
The Range Rover has fought some battles when it comes to reliability, and there are mixed verdicts on how it performs. In 2022, the Range Rover received a full five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, with 84% for adults and 97% for child occupants.

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Congratulations to Krg The Don, he is a very hardworking business man. He has a collection of expensive cars, including Lexus lx 570, worth about ksh.18 Million, he has several mercedes benz and Rangerovers. He is wealthy and successful.

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