Kimeumana! Amberay Allegedly Dumped By Her New Boyfriend for Posting Dirty Photos.

Amberay Dumped by Her New Boyfriend


It seems like relationship is not something meant for Kenyan famous controversial socialite Amberay. In 2022 alone, Amberay has been in two relationships, and they have all ended in a mysterious way.

Last year 2021 she was dating a wealthy business man Jimal and it ended up in premium tears after they parted ways with him after fighting with his wife Amira.

Amberay moved on and started dating a young gentleman from Sierra Leone known as Kabba Ibrahim. Things were going on very well and she seemed to have settled in her relationship till his boyfriend started questioning her about the dirty photos she usually post on her Instagram page.

In a video exposed by Edgar Obare, Amberay is spotted causing drama, after being dumped by Kabba. Amberay was shouting all over as she claims that Kabba has beaten her and taken her phone.

Sources have revealed that Kabba had warned Amberay against posting revealing photos on her social media pages. This led to a quarrell between the two and Kabba took his car wanting to leave the place but Amberay started causing drama at the gate claiming that Kabba can’t leave with her phone.

(Here is the video of the argument between Amberay and her boyfriend Kabba).

(courtesy of BNN).
From the video you can see clearly that Amberay is rolling down as she says that Kabba can’t leave the house with her phone. The two lover birds aren’t together and sources have revealed that they have just parted ways like that. Meanwhile Amberay stills holds business meetings with her ex boyfriend Jimal Rohosafi.



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