Kevin Kinuthia: How I Made Ksh.1.4 Million From Tiktok in 1Month.

One of the most famous Kenyan tiktoker and crossdresser , Kevin Kinuthia decided to open up on how he earns millions of money from his social media platforms, especially on tiktok where he is more famous.

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Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Kevin Kinuthia admitted that content creation is paying well, and he has been sustaining his expensive lifestyle through the money he makes from content creation.

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Kinuthia said that on tiktok he makes huge amount of money on monthly basis. The tiktoker revealed that his money doesn’t come from lives and gifts, because he rarely go live on Tiktok.

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He has huge number of followers on the platform, so alot of brands trust him with their products, and they pay him well to advertise them on his platform.

Adverts are the main source of millions of money Kinuthia is making from tiktok. The tiktoker said that his monthly income varies depending on the number of adverts he does, and the highest amount of money , he has ever made from tiktok in a span of 1 month is ksh. 1.4 Million.

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In one of the interviews , Kevin revealed that he dropped out of school, to concentrate on content creation , and so far he doesn’t regret his decision because he is living a lavish lifestyle, and making millions of money from his content.


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