Meet A 28 Yrs Old Mjengo Man Who is Building A Ksh.20 Million Mansion For His Wife.

Alex Moulding Multimillion Mansion.

Alex Moulding is a true definition of hardwork pays and there is always light at the end of every tunnel. From a humble background, Alex is now building a mansion worth ksh.20 million, and he has completely changed the story of his home, he has eliminated poverty in their lineage.

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Speaking in an interview with Rickbe tv, Alex said that he is a professional moulder, and he is among the best moulders in Kenya. Before venturing into professional moulding he was just a normal hustler and he used to just work at the construction sites.

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One thing led to another, and clients started appreciating his moulding skills. He started getting better deals, and when money started streaming in, he first built a very classic house for his parents and make sure that they are living in a comfortable home.

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He then started building a very unique mansion for his wife and children. The mansion is incomplete but the design used is of high level. Alex revealed that the house will cost him between ksh.10 Million to Ksh.20 million.

Alex Moulding Multimillion Mansion.
Alex Moulding Multimillion Mansion.

He said that the main reason he decided to construct such a Multimillion Mansion at his village home( Machakos), is because they used to live in a mud thatched house and villagers used to mock them.

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Just opposite the mansion, Alex is building a Gazebo, which is a place of chilling with his guest. The Gazebo has already costed him ksh.800,000 , yet it is still incomplete, meaning it might cost him upto ksh.5 Million.

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Alex is also building a modern gate, with a very amazing style . The gate is also unique with top notch appearance. It has already costed him ksh.1 Millions and it is still under construction.

Alex Moulding Multimillion Mansion.
Alex Moulding Multimillion Mansion.( Alex standing outside his gate).

Alex said that him building this mansion is a fulfilment of his dreams. He said that it is also a special gift to his wife and children. He want them to live a very comfortable life.

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