Triomio’s Mother: I’m A Single Mum and My Sons Don’t Like My Boyfriend.

Triomio’s Mother, Sofia Irma Sakwa ,who is also his personal manager, caused stir online again, after she decided to jump in a single mum tiktok challenge and exposed some of the challenges she goes through.

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She is a mother of two sons, who are both musicians, Trios brother does trap and he is good at it, and even in one of the interviews Trio admitted that his brother has done alot in making him successful in the music industry.

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On the other hand his mother is the one behind the entire brand, being a single mother has alot of challenges but she has managed to conquer them, however there are still some issues she is going through.

Triomio's Mother: I'm A Single Mum and My Sons Don't Like My Boyfriend.
Triomio’s Mother: I’m A Single Mum and My Sons Don’t Like My Boyfriend.

The first challenge she revealed that she always gets irritated when she sees all her sons resembles their father. It reminds her of how she has struggled to raise the kids alone.

The other challenge that she revealed that she is going through , is that all her children, don’t love her boyfriend. This is tricky because as a single mum you also have to enjoy conjugal rights, and in this case , Trios mum has a boyfriend but Trio and his brother don’t love him.

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In an interview at Iko Nini, Triomio gave a snippet story of his father, the young rapper said that his dad is a Congolese, and he didn’t give more information about him, or what happened. A better part of his life he has been raised by his mum, that is why he has bought a land for her and he is also building a mansion for her.

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