Pastor Kanyari Gifts Tizian Ksh.50,000 For Being CuteOn Tiktok.

The famous and controversial kenyan pastor who turned into a tiktoker, Pastor Kanyari continued to trend on Tiktok, just after he joined the platform to pray and spread the word of God on the platform.

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There was alot of immorality on the platform and Victor Kanyari revealed that God directed him there to save people who were getting lost. Just like other tiktokers, Kanyari also begs for gifts on Tiktok, and he has been getting them. In a span of 7 days he managed to make over ksh.400,000.

The self proclaimed man of God went live with Tizian Savage for the first time. It was the first encounter of the two, and he told Tizian that people have been demanding him to go live and and invite him.

Pastor Kanyari Gifts Tizian Ksh.50,000 For Being Famous On Tiktok.
Pastor Kanyari Gifts Tizian Ksh.50,000 For Being Famous On Tiktok.

Tizian was also excited to meet Kanyari, and the two exchanged words , before Kanyari decided to gift him money for being famous. He sent him ksh.50,000 via Mpesa and all were because of him being famous on Tiktok.

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The comments were hilarious where people claimed that the pastor might reverse the money later. However others were wowed with how Tiktokers make money easily on the platform and Tizian is among the tiktokers who are making millions from the platform.

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