” Kako na Kiburi Sana,She Won’t Go Far” Nyako Calls Out Azziad Nasenya

The German Based Kenyan tiktoker, Pilot Nyako is hitting all sides. She has decided to choose violence with all celebrities in Kenya. She is thrashing them and in most cases talking bad about a huge number of them as she praises few.

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After exposing Otile Brown and talking bad about Akothees boyfriend NellyOaks, Nyako decided to hit out at Azziad Nasenya. The tiktoker called out Azziad for having alot of pride.
She said that she has been watching Azziad Nasenya’s live , and she noticed that Azziad is just a small young lady full of pride. Nyako said that Azziad thinks that she has made it in life at her younger age, yet she still has a very long way to go.

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According to Nyako, Azziad won’t go anywhere, she said that her pride will make her fail terribly, and she said that she has even never thought of hanging out with her because they can vibe, she cant withstand her pride.

Nyako has decided to follow the path of Andrew Kibe, who is always fearless, and addresses Kenyan celebrities, anything and anytime he wants, knowing very well that they won’t take him anywhere. Nyako is the new Andrew Kibe.

Click the link below to watch full video on Instagram.

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