“I’m Fasting, Ladies please Acheni Kuny*nga na Picha Zangu” Krg the Don

Krg the Don


It is a holy month of Ramadhan, and all Muslims across the world have started fasting and dedicating their time to their supreme being Allah. Krg the Don is a Muslim Kenyan controversial musician and he has decided to cause stir online with a humble request for all ladies that are crushing or have been crushing or even planning to have a crush on him.

Since the holy month of Ramadhan Muslims are supposed to abstain for all the fasting days, Krg the Don has urged ladies to stop wanking with his photos, because he is now dedicated to Allah. It was a humble request and he seemed to be very much serious with this.
(Here is the screenshot of Krg the Don’s humble request to all his female crush).
(courtesy of Krg Instagram).

Remember Krg the Don is single and this is after parting ways with his wife Linah last year on October (2021). Most ladies have been hitting up on him because he is very wealthy, he is handsome and also a man a lady would just like to hang out with because he has alot of money.

He revealed that he is only waiting for the court to give him a divorce and he marry a new wife. He said the qualifications of becoming his wife, a lady must have pure figure eight, big behinds and financially stable. The lady must also be ready to take care of his three children and understand that he is a baby daddy and he has 2 baby mamas.

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