“I’m Broke, Sick, Depressed, Nateseka Sana” Famous Actor Cries Out For Help.

Masaai Rungu Cries For Help

“I’m Broke, Sick, Depressed, Nateseka Sana” Famous Actor Cries Out For Help.

It is a tough time for Kenyans, economic depression has hitted everyone. One of the most famous actor and also content creator Masaai Rungu is among the most affected content creators in Kenya and he is living a very desparate life in one of the slums in Nairobi Eastlands. Masaai Rungu is battling with both sickness and poverty, in short he is just broke and famous.

Speaking in an interview with Plugtv Masaai Rungu said that life has been like hell for him, because since the covid 19 period he has been just battling with alot of things. Masaai Rungu is living in a single room and he is housed by his best friend and in that room they are living there four people and all of them are just poor.

To make the matter worse, Masaai Rungu has a preexisting medical condition and it is something related to brain tumor and hence he is always supposed to take medicine daily and those medicines are also expensive. Masaai Rungu said that sometime he just take medicines and sleep hungry because he has no money.

He said that he has tried to do some hustles but his medical condition cannot allow him to continue doing them. They havd been just living a day at a time hoping that someone will come for their rescue. He even said that he wanted to join a criminal gang but his friends advised him that is not the best option.

Masaai Rungu is currently  trying to see if he will get help from Kenyans of good will because depression has started to become part of him and his life is just in a very critical situation. He has urged Kenyans to support him and atleast save him.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube (courtesy of plugtv).

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