” I’m Not Married” Eric Omondi’s Girlfriend Lynne Says.

Eric Omondi's Girlfriend Lynne Opens Up

Eric Omondi’s girlfriend and mother to their child Kayla, decided to open up on her relationship with , the comedian, as she revealed her marriage status.

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Through a YouTube video, Lynne was answering questions that were asked by her fans on her Instagram page. The question and answer session was very interesting, because people got to know many things about Lynne.

The 22 years old lady revealed that she met Eric Omondi when she was only 19 years. The two fell in love, and started dating, Lynne said that despite their age difference of 19 years, because Eric Omondi is 41 years and she is 22 years, their love life has been amazing.

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She went on and decided to clarify some things. First of all, Lynne said that she is not yet married to Eric Omondi. They are just dating, despite them having a kid together, Eric hasn’t paid a dowry, hence meaning that the two aren’t a husband and wife, they are just a boyfriend and girlfriend.

This is just similar to the relationship of Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami, where Nadia said openly that she isn’t married to Arrow Bwoy. Lynne on the other hand said that they are living together and everything is moving on smoothly.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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