“I’m Dating My Landlord and His Son, Nawapea Mechi Safi Wote na Silipi Rent” Kasarani Lady Confesses

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There are some weird confessions from Kenyans that can make you get shocked. Alot of things are really happening in the country. A middle aged lady decided to confess on how she is in love with her landlord and his son.

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Speaking via the famous Reyo tv channel, whereby people reveal their deepest secrets. The lady said that she successfully found a house in Kasarani area. Here she met a very handsome caretaker and her mission was to win his heart.

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The caretaker was also in love with her and tried to shoot his shot several times, but the lady used to play hard to get, however in her heart she had already accepted.
So one day she tricked him and he entered her house. The lady was wearing towel alone, and the young man admired her, confessed his feelings and they got intimate that night. That continued for several months.

It reached a point where the lady was unable to pay her rent. The caretaker decided to cover up for her, for like 4 months. They continued to get intimate as he covers up for her.

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The caretaker was landlords son, so eventually landlord came to realise that she wasn’t paying rent. He reached out at her , and after a short conversation they exchanged contacts.

A week later the landlord took her on a date, gave her ksh.20,000 and told her he wants to be his lover. The lady said that she got confused on which decision to make, and she was ready to date all of them.

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