” If I Die Diamond Shouldn’t Attend My Burial, Amenitupa Kama Takataka” Diamond Platnumzs Father Cries Out For Help.

Mzee Nasib Abdul, well known by many as the biological father of the famous bongo of flavour artist in Africa, Diamond Platnumz, finally decided to open up on his lifestyle and why he is suffering yet his son is a millionaire.

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Nasib has been on the limelight for a while, and it is evident to the public that, his son Diamond Platnumz has not been supporting him. Diamond opted to support his mum, and Mama Dang’ote has been enjoying her sons wealth, living a lavish lifestyle, courtesy of Diamond Platnumz.

In an interview with online media, Nasib denied the romours that he is not the real father of Diamond Platnumz. He said that he has all the proves, and he was there in Diamonds life when he was still young, he played his role as a dad well, but a disagreement between him and Mama Dang’ote, made them to part ways.

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He said that he has no problem with Diamond supporting Mama Dang’ote, but he should also opt to support him, because the disagreement was between him and Mama Dang’ote and not Diamond.

Mzee Nasib said that he is cool with everything, he is suffering and he knows his son is a millionaire but has neglected him. He said that no one will go with wealth in heaven, and if he die , Diamond should not show up at his burial, because he has dumped him.

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Mzee said that he won’t beg to be supported, it is all the fate of God for everything to happen the way they are happening.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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