Ibrahim: After Wedding Bibi yangu aliniambia nipige mamake Mechi Safi and I ended Up Making Her Pregnant .

Story of Ibrahim.

The story of a middle aged man identified as Ibrahim, has really shocked alot of people. His story is something that rarely happen and most African society cultures consider it as a taboo. Ibrahim narrated how his wife encouraged him to make her mother pregnant.

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Speaking in an interview with Afrimax English, Ibrahim , who comes from Tanzania, said that he was born and raised in a humble background. He therefore didn’t manage to finish school due to school fees, and he decided to be a tuktuk driver.

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While on his day to day activity, which was transporting clients, he met a very beautiful woman, on the first  day just clicked and the vibe was just very dope.
Ibrahim ended up sleeping at the ladies home, where she used to reside with her mother. Their friendship was binded and they decided to make it official that they are a husband and wife through a wedding.

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After the wedding, some crazy things started happening. Ibrahim’s wife started setting him up to her mother, it is like she wanted him to sleep with her mother.
One day she told Ibrahim to rush at her mom’s place because she has been told that everything is not fine. Ibrahim did so and upon reaching at the mom’s home, he was shocked to find that she is without clothes.

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Due to respect he closed his eyes and apologised. The mother told him not to worry because there is nothing wrong he has done. Ibrahim felt offended and told his wife about everything. The wife was unbothered and didn’t even overreact, it is like she was aware of everything.
The mother continued seducing him, in support of his wife, and because men are weak, he fell into the trap. He started sleeping with his mother in law frequently, and his wife was aware of that and had no problem.
The young man was shocked, but after a while he managed to impregnate his mother in law. He told his wife, who told him not to worry and take care of her mother. This was shocking and Ibrahim sensed that something was wrong.
He decided to run away from home, this is after a man who claimed to be his mother in law husband showed up. Ibrahim disappeared for good and vowed never to return. He said that he is missing his wife , but he can’t return at home because of what happened.

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