Rapudo: I know Obinna Loves Amberay, I Always Gives Him Anytime He Wants Her.

Kennedy Rapudo Message to Obinna

For quite along time, comedian Obinna has been having a huge crush on Faith Makau, well known as Amberay. He has been showing it publicly that he really loves Amberay despite her being engaged to Kennedy Rapudo.

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Speaking in an interview with 2mbili TV, Kennedy Rapudo decided for the first time to speak about the issue, and how he feels when Obinna is flirting or publicly confessing his love to his wife Amberay.

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The calm Rapudo gave a sarcastic laughter and said that Obinna is among the family friends. Whatever he posts online or says about my wife Amberay he always consult me or ask me whenever he wants to post something about my wife.
I have no security issues, I trust Amberay so much and she loves me and I really know who she is. The social media things with Obinna are just for social media, and most of them or all of them are just business deals.

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“I also do everything to make sure that Obinna is happy , because he inspires me alot, despite being a young man. He is a single father and he is just doing a very amazing work, him together with Krg the Don” Rapudo added.
He said that anytime Obinna wants to shoot with Amberay or any business deal, he always takes Amberay to him . He is always cool and there is no beef or something like bad blood with Obinna, they are best friends and that is why even their family events Obinna is always invited.

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